[sudo-workers] Question/Suggestion about not automatically forwarding sudo permissions to scripts.

Matthias Aechtner matthias at aechtners.de
Mon Jul 31 08:00:48 MDT 2017

Hi everyone,

After executing `sudo` and entering the user password the following
`sudo` commands do not require retyping the password. That seems
reasonable and useful to me.

When I execute a script without `sudo`, then I do not want the script to
have any root privileges. However, when the script itself contains lines
starting with `sudo`, these commands will be executed with root
privileges without asking for password.

I am wondering if it would be possible to allow `sudo` commands to
execute without reentering the password only in the current interactive
shell, but not to forward the permission to run with `sudo` into scripts
that are executed.

In my case I downloaded a script from the internet and I was willing to
risk running it unseen with user privileges on my computer, and was
shocked when I saw the script executing with root privileges (even so I
ran it without `sudo`, just because I had run `sudo` in the same session
before). IMHO this behavior exposes a security risk that should, if
possible, eliminated in future versions of `sudo`.

What do you think about it?

This mailing list was the best medium that I was able to find for bring
up this suggestion; I apologize in case I should have addressed myself
to somewhere else instead (where?).



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