[sudo-workers] Pull-request as "patch" discussion for integration with AIX enhanced RBAC

Michael Felt michael at felt.demon.nl
Tue Sep 26 04:11:42 MDT 2017

So, got it into git - and am trying a pull-request to show the 
differences with now (calling it goal 00001).

See https://github.com/aixtools/sudo/pull/1 - this is based on sudo-1.8.21p2

I would appreciate comments from interested parties (actually 
test-driving this version) at http://forums.rootvg.net/aixtools.

Not complete (that is as I would like it), but far enough for comments 
and such.

Ah - before I forget - I'll be providing special bits (mainly about 
different file locations - to not break/destroy current implementations 
at http://www.aixtools.net/index.php/sudo-rbac - that is also where you 
will find the download link for the installp package.



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