[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.24b2 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Mon Jul 30 16:40:31 MDT 2018

The second beta version of sudo 1.8.24 is now available.  Sudo
1.8.24 builds on the changes in 1.8.23 to merge the LDAP/SSSD and
file-based lookup code.  This has allowed the removal almost 1,500
lines of code from the LDAP and SSSD backends.

If you rely on the LDAP or SSSD backends, please do give the 1.8.24
beta a try if you are able to.


SHA256 checksum:
MD5 checksum:

Binary packages:

For a list of download mirror sites, see:

Sudo web site:

Sudo web site mirrors:

Major changes between sudo 1.8.24b2 and 1.8.24b1:

 * Fixed a race condition when building with parallel make.
   Bug #842

 * Fixed a duplicate free when netgroup_base in ldap.conf is set
   to an invalid value.

 * Fixed a group lookup bug on Linux introduced in sudo 1.8.24b1.

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.23 on AIX that could prevent
   local users and groups from being resolved properly on systems
   that have users stored in NIS, LDAP or AD.

 * Added a workaround for an AIX bug exposed by a change in sudo
   1.8.23 that prevents the terminal mode from being restored when
   I/O logging is enabled.

 * On systems using PAM, sudo now ignores the PAM_NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD
   and PAM_AUTHTOK_EXPIRED errors from PAM account management if
   authentication is disabled for the user.  This fixes a regression
   introduced in sudo 1.8.23.  Bug #843

Major changes between sudo 1.8.24b1 and 1.8.23:

 * The LDAP and SSS back-ends now use the same rule evaluation code
   as the sudoers file backend.  This builds on the work in sudo
   1.8.23 where the formatting functions for "sudo -l" output were
   shared.  The handling of negated commands in SSS and LDAP is

 * Fixed a regression introduced in 1.8.23 where "sudo -i" could
   not be used in conjunction with --preserve-env=VARIABLE.  Bug #835

 * cvtsudoers can now parse base64-encoded attributes in LDIF files.

 * Random insults are now more random.

 * Fixed the noexec wordexp(3) test on FreeBSD.

 * Added SUDO_CONV_PREFER_TTY flag for conversation function to
   tell sudo to try writing to /dev/tty first. Can be used in
   conjunction with SUDO_CONV_INFO_MSG and SUDO_CONV_ERROR_MSG.

 * Sudo now supports an arbitrary number of groups per user on
   Solaris.  Previously, only the first 64 groups were found.
   This should remove the need to set "max_groups" in sudo.conf.

 * Fixed typos in the OpenLDAP sudo schema.  Bugs #839 and #840.
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