[sudo-workers] group_plugin and LDAP Host_Alias clarification

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Mon Aug 5 16:19:15 MDT 2019

> Assumptions:
> - i have found in internet some vendor plugin for AD support (e.g.: from OneI
> dentity);

The OneIdentity group provider plugin is part of their "Authentication
Services" AD bridge product.

> Questions:
> - is correct to state that there is no out of the box support for
>   groupOfUniqueNames/groupOfNames in sudo?

That is correct.

> - do you know any free/non-free plugin working with
>   groupOfUniqueNames/groupOfNames?

I do not know of any.

> - is anyone aware of other method to define hosts groups in LDAP apart
>   from netgroup which works out of the box with sudo?

There is currently no support for host groups in LDAP other than
netgroups.  The non-Unix group plugin API is for user groups only.

 - todd

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