[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.27b2 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Mon Jan 7 14:07:23 MST 2019

The second beta version of sudo 1.8.27 is now available.
Sudo 1.8.27 is a bug fix release.


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Major changes between sudo 1.8.27b2 and 1.8.27b1:

 * Sudo now sets the silent flag when opening the PAM session except
   when running a shell via "sudo -s" or "sudo -i".  This prevents
   the pam_lastlog module from printing the last login information
   for each sudo command.  Bug #867.

 * Fixed the default AIX hard resource limit for the maximum number
   of files a user may have open.  If no hard limit for "nofiles"
   is explicitly set in /etc/security/limits, the default should
   be "unlimited".  Previously, the default hard limit was 8196.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.27b1 and 1.8.26:

 * On HP-UX, sudo will now update the utmps file when running a command
   in a pseudo-tty.  Previously, only the utmp and utmpx files were

 * Nanosecond precision file time stamps are now supported in HP-UX.

 * Fixes and clarifications to the sudo plugin documentation.

 * The sudo manuals no longer require extensive post-processing to
   hide system-specific features.  Conditionals in the roff source
   are now used instead.  This fixes corruption of the sudo manual
   on systems without BSD login classes.  Bug #861.

 * If an I/O logging plugin is configured but the plugin does not
   actually log any I/O, sudo will no longer force the command to
   be run in a pseudo-tty.

 * The fix for bug #843 in sudo 1.8.24 was incomplete.  If the
   user's password was expired or needed to be updated, but no sudo
   password was required, the PAM handle was freed too early,
   resulting in a failure when processing PAM session modules.

 * In visudo, it is now possible to specify the path to sudoers
   without using the -f option.  Bug #864.

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.22 where the utmp (or utmpx)
   file would not be updated when a command was run in a pseudo-tty.
   Bug #865.
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