[sudo-workers] sudo 1.8.29rc1 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Thu Oct 24 15:35:20 MDT 2019

The first release candidate for sudo 1.8.29 is now available.  I
don't expect changes other than translation updates before the final
release.  Sudo 1.8.29 is primarily a bug fix release.


SHA256 checksum:

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Binary packages:

For a list of download mirror sites, see:

Sudo web site:

Sudo web site mirrors:

Major changes between sudo 1.8.29rc1 and 1.8.28:

 * The cvtsudoers command will now reject non-LDIF input when converting
   from LDIF format to sudoers or JSON formats.

 * The new log_allowed and log_denied sudoers settings make it possible
   to disable logging and auditing of allowed and/or denied commands.

 * The umask is now handled differently on systems with PAM or login.conf.
   If the umask is explicitly set in sudoers, that value is used regardless
   of what PAM or login.conf may specify.  However, if the umask is not
   explicitly set in sudoers, PAM or login.conf may now override the default
   sudoers umask.  Bug #900.

 * For "make install", the sudoers file is no longer checked for syntax
   errors when DESTDIR is set.  The default sudoers file includes the
   contents of /etc/sudoers.d which may not be readable as non-root.
   Bug #902.

 * Sudo now sets most resource limits to their maximum value to avoid
   problems caused by insufficient resources, such as an inability to
   allocate memory or open files and pipes.

 * Fixed a regression introduced in sudo 1.8.28 where sudo would refuse
   to run if the parent process was not associated with a session.
   This was due to sudo passing a session ID of -1 to the plugin.
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