[sudo-workers] sudo 1.9.7rc2 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Mon May 10 15:11:53 MDT 2021

The second (and hopefully final) release candidate for sudo 1.9.7
is now available.  In addition to bug fixes, sudo 1.9.7 adds a relay
mode to sudo_logsrvd.  This can be used to create a hierarchy of
log servers and supports both real-time relaying as well as a
store-and-forward mode.


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Major changes between sudo 1.9.7rc2 and 1.9.7rc1:

 * Fixed a regression introduced in sudo 1.9.7b1 where suspending
   a command while logging to sudo_logsrvd would result in an error.

 * Fixed a bug where the sudo front-end could call the plugin close
   function with a non-terminal signal argument like SIGTSTP.

Major changes between sudo 1.9.7rc1 and 1.9.7b2:

 * The configure script now outputs a summary of the user-configurable
   options at the end, separate from output of configure script tests.
   Bug #820.

 * Corrected the description of which groups may be specified via the
   -g option in the Runas_Spec section.  Bug #975.

 * Updated translations from translationproject.org.

Major changes between sudo 1.9.7b2 and 1.9.7b1:

 * Fixed a bug that prevented the "log_server_verify" sudoers option
   from taking effect.

 * The sudo_sendlog utility has a new -s option to cause it to stop
   sending I/O records after a user-specified elapsed time.  This
   can be used to test the I/O log restart functionality of sudo_logsrvd.

 * Fixed a crash introduced in sudo 1.9.4 in sudo_logsrvd when
   attempting to restart an interrupted I/O log transfer.

 * The TLS connection timeout in the sudoers log client was previously
   hard-coded to 10 seconds.  It now uses the value of log_server_timeout.

 * Updated translations from translationproject.org.

Major changes between sudo 1.9.7b1 and 1.9.6p1:

 * The "fuzz" Makefile target now runs all the fuzzers for 8192
   passes (can be overridden via the FUZZ_RUNS variable).  This makes
   it easier to run the fuzzers in-tree.  To run a fuzzer indefinitely,
   set FUZZ_RUNS=-1, e.g. "make FUZZ_RUNS=-1 fuzz".

 * Fixed fuzzing on FreeBSD where the ld.lld linker returns an
   error by default when a symbol is multiply-defined.

 * Added support for determining local IPv6 addresses on systems
   that lack the getifaddrs() function.  This now works on AIX,
   HP-UX and Solaris (at least).  Bug #969.

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.9.6 that caused "sudo -V" to
   report a usage error.  Also, when invoked as sudoedit, sudo now
   allows a more restricted set of options that matches the usage
   statement and documentation.  GitHub issue #95.

 * Fixed a crash in sudo_sendlog when the specified certificate
   or key does not exist or is invalid.  Bug #970

 * Fixed a compilation error when sudo is configured with the
   --disable-log-client option.

 * Sudo's limited support for SUCCESS=return entries in nsswitch.conf
   is now documented.  Bug #971.

 * Sudo now requires autoconf 2.70 or higher to regenerate the
   configure script.  Bug #972.

 * sudo_logsrvd now has a relay mode which can be used to create
   a hierarchy of log servers.  By default, when a relay server is
   defined, messages from the client are forwarded immediately to
   the relay.  However, if the "store_first" setting is enabled,
   the log will be stored locally until the command completes and
   then relayed.  Bug #965.

 * Sudo now links with OpenSSL by default if it is available unless
   the --disable-openssl configure option is used or both the
   --disable-log-client and --disable-log-server configure options
   are specified.

 * Fixed configure's Python version detection when the version minor
   number is more than a single digit, for example Python 3.10.

 * The sudo Python module tests now pass for Python 3.10.

 * Sudo will now avoid changing the datasize resource limit
   as long as the existing value is at least 1GB.  This works around
   a problem on 64-bit HP-UX where it is not possible to exactly
   restore the original datasize limit.  Bug #973.

 * Fixed a race condition that could result in a hang when sudo is
   executed by a process where the SIGCHLD handler is set to SIG_IGN.
   This fixes the bug described by GitHub PR #98.

 * Fixed an out-of-bounds read in sudoedit and visudo when the
   EDITOR, VISUAL or SUDO_EDITOR environment variables end in an
   unescaped backslash.  Also fixed the handling of quote characters
   that are escaped by a backslash.  GitHub issue #99.
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