[sudo-workers] sudo 1.9.11rc1 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Fri Jun 3 15:38:53 MDT 2022

The first release candidate for sudo 1.9.11 is now available.

In addition to bug fixes, sudo 1.9.11 includes an implementation
of intercept mode and sub-command logging using ptrace(2) and
seccomp(2) on Linux.  It also integrates with AppArmor, which allows
a sudoers rule to specify an AppArmor profile to use when running
a command.


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Binary packages:

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Sudo web site:

Major changes between sudo 1.9.11rc1 and 1.9.11b3:

 * Avoid using vfork(2) in the sudo_intercept.so system(3) wrapper.

 * Fixed a bug in ptrace_read_vec() on the error path.

 * Quieted some clang analyzer warnings.

 * Updated to protobuf-c 1.4.0.

Major changes between sudo 1.9.11b3 and 1.9.11b2:

 * Worked around a cppcheck false positive in parse_ldif.c.

 * Plugged a memory leak in parse_gids_test.c.

 * Removed unnecessary use of the pwd command in some of the
   plugin "check" make targets.

 * Added a test for the sudo_logsrvd.conf parser that, unlike the
   fuzzer, can exercise reading TLS certificates and keys as well
   as diffie-helman parameters.

 * Fixed parsing of the "server_log" setting in sudo_logsrvd.conf.
   Non-paths were being treated as paths and an actual path was
   treated as an error.

Major changes between sudo 1.9.11b2 and 1.9.11b1:

 * Updated translations from translationproject.org.

 * The sudo plugin manual pages are now installed in section 5
   (or 4 for System V) as intended.  The man page text always
   had the correct section number, only the installation directory
   was wrong.

 * Sudo can now intercept the system(3) function when using the
   "dso" intercept type.  This was already possible when using

 * Reduced the amount of time the child process has to wait before
   the parent begins tracing it.

 * Sudo no longer uses the fmemopen(3) on AIX due to a bug with
   that implementation that treats end-of-file as an error.

Major changes between sudo 1.9.11b1 and 1.9.10:

 * Fixed a crash in the Python module with Python 3.9.10 on some
   systems.  Additionally, "make check" now passes for Python 3.9.10.

 * Error messages sent via email now include more details, including
   the file name and the line number and column of the error.
   Multiple errors are sent in a single message.  Previously, only
   the first error was included.

 * Fixed logging of parse errors in JSON format.  Previously,
   the JSON logger would not write entries unless the command and
   runuser were set.  These may not be known at the time a parse
   error is encountered.

 * Fixed a potential crash parsing sudoers lines larger than twice
   the value of LINE_MAX on systems that lack the getdelim() function.

 * The tests run by "make check" now unset the LANGUAGE environment
   variable.  Otherwise, localization strings will not match if
   LANGUAGE is set to a non-English locale.  Bug #1025.

 * The "starttime" test now passed when run under Debian faketime.
   Bug #1026.

 * The Kerberos authentication module now honors the custom password
   prompt if one has been specified.

 * The embedded copy of zlib has been updated to version 1.2.12.

 * Updated the version of libtool used by sudo to version 2.4.7.

 * Sudo now defines _TIME_BITS to 64 on systems that define __TIMESIZE
   in the header files (currently only GNU libc).  This is required
   to allow the use of 64-bit time values on some 32-bit systems.

 * Sudo's "intercept" and "log_subcmds" options no longer force the
   command to run in its own pseudo-terminal.

 * Fixed a bug in sudo_logsrvd when run in store-first relay mode
   where the commit point messages sent by the server were incorrect
   if the command was suspended or received a window size change

 * Fixed a potential crash in sudo_logsrvd when the "tls_dhparams"
   configuration setting was used.

 * The "intercept" and "log_subcmds" functionality can now use
   ptrace(2) on Linux systems that support seccomp(2) filtering.
   This has the advantage of working for both static and dynamic
   binaries and can work with sudo's SELinux RBAC mode.  The following
   architectures are currently supported: i386, x86_64, aarch64,
   arm, mips (log_subcmds only), powerpc, riscv, and s390x.  The
   default is to use ptrace(2) where possible; the new "intercept_type"
   sudoers setting can be used to explicitly set the type.

 * New Georgian translation from translationproject.org.

 * Fixed creating packages on CentOS Stream.

 * Fixed a bug in the intercept and log_subcmds support where
   the execve(2) wrapper was using the current environment instead
   of the passed environment pointer.  Bug #1030.

 * Added AppArmor integration for Linux.  A sudoers rule can now
   specify an APPARMOR_PROFILE option to run a command confined by
   the named AppArmor profile.
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