[sudo-workers] Adding a second sysconfdir

Jason Sikes jsikes at suse.com
Fri Feb 10 00:30:20 MST 2023


This looks great!

I really appreciate the work that you have done on this. I wasn't 
expecting it.

Funny thing is that in an earlier iteration I kind of did the same thing 
except that I did the multiple paths from the start, without 
"distconfdir". So one could have multiple configuration paths by specifying:

$ ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc:/usr/etc

But my colleague who knows more about Autoconf than me said "no".

Anyway, this is excellent!

--Thank you,


On 2/9/23 12:46, Todd C. Miller wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Feb 2023 14:11:43 -0700, "Todd C. Miller via sudo-workers" wrote:
>> Another option would be to make _PATH_SUDOERS, _PATH_SUDO_CONF, and
>> _PATH_SUDO_LOGSRVD_CONF a colon-separated list of path.  For example,
>> if distconfdir is set this could be "/etc/sudoers:/usr/etc/sudoers".
>> Then the functions that open the configuration file would simply
>> choose the first file in the list that exists.
>> This seems like a more general solution to me.
> Here is a (large) patch that implements configuration paths in sudo
> and adds support for distconfdir, as I understand it.
> For visudo, if there is no sysconfdir sudoers file but the distconfdir
> version exists, the distconfdir version is edited and installed in
> sysconfdir.  There is a minor issue in visudo where syntax errors
> in the distconfdir file will be reported with the file name of the
> sysconfdir version but that is fairly minor and the distconfdir
> sudoers file should not contain errors in the first place.
> This feature will not make sudo 1.9.13 but it should be possible
> to include it in 1.9.14.
>   - todd

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