[sudo-workers] sudo 1.9.13b2 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Wed Jan 25 16:36:25 MST 2023

The second beta version of sudo 1.9.13 is now available.

In addition to bug fixes, sudo 1.9.13 adds a new "list" pseudo-command
in sudoers to allow a user to list another user's privileges.
Previously, only root or a user with the ability to run any command
as either root or the target user on the current host could use the
-U option.


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Major changes between sudo 1.9.13b2 and 1.9.13b1:

 * Fixed a bug executing a command with a very long argument vector
   when "log_subcmds" or "intercept" is enabled on a system where
   "intercept_type" is set to "trace".  GitHub issue #194.

Major changes between sudo 1.9.13b1 and 1.9.12p2:

 * Fixed a bug running relative commands via sudo when "log_subcmds"
   is enabled.  GitHub issue #194.

 * Fixed a signal handling bug when running sudo commands in a shell
   script.  Signals were not being forwarded to the command when
   the sudo process was not run in its own process group.

 * Fixed a bug in cvtsudoers' LDIF parsing when the file ends without
   a newline and a backslash is the last character of the file.

 * Fixed a potential use-after-free bug with cvtsudoers filtering.
   GitHub issue #198.

 * Added a reminder to the default lecture that the password will
   not echo. This line is only displayed when the pwfeedback option
   is disabled. GitHub issue #195.

 * Fixed potential memory leaks in error paths.  GitHub issues #199,

 * Fixed potential NULL dereferences on memory allocation failure.
   GitHub issues #204, #211.

 * Sudo now uses C23-style attributes in function prototypes instead
   of gcc-style attributes if supported.

 * Added a new "list" pseudo-command in sudoers to allow a user to
   list another user's privileges.  Previously, only root or a user
   with the ability to run any command as either root or the target
   user on the current host could use the -U option.  This also
   includes a fix to the log entry when a user lacks permission to
   run "sudo -U otheruser -l command".  Previously, the logs would
   indicate that the user tried to run the actual command, now the
   log entry includes the list operation.

 * JSON logging now escapes control characters if they happen to
   appear in the command or environment.

 * New Albanian translation from translationproject.org.

 * Regular expressions in sudoers or logsrvd.conf may no longer
   contain consecutive repetition operators.  This is implementation-
   specific behavior according to POSIX, but some implementations
   will allocate excessive amounts of memory.  This mainly affects
   the fuzzers.

 * Sudo now builds AIX-style shared libraries and dynamic shared
   objects by default instead of svr4-style. This means that the
   default sudo plugins are now .a (archive) files that contain a
   .so shared object file instead of bare .so files.  This was done
   to improve compatibility with the AIX Freeware ecosystem,
   specifically, the AIX Freeware build of OpenSSL.  Sudo will still
   load svr4-style .so plugins and if a .so file is requested,
   either via sudo.conf or the sudoers file, and only the .a file
   is present, sudo will convert the path from plugin.so to
   plugin.a(plugin.so) when loading it.  This ensures compatibility
   with existing configurations.  To restore the old, pre-1.9.13
   behavior, run configure using the --with-aix-soname=svr4 option.

 * Sudo no longer checks the ownership and mode of the plugins that
   it loads.  Plugins are configured via either the sudo.conf or
   sudoers file which are trusted configuration files.  These checks
   suffered from time-of-check vs. time-of-use race conditions and
   complicate loading plugins that are not simple paths.  Ownership
   and mode checks are still performed when loading the sudo.conf
   and sudoers files, which do not suffer from race conditions.
   The sudo.conf "developer_mode" setting is no longer used.

 * Control characters in sudo log messages and "sudoreplay -l"
   output are now escaped in octal format.  Space characters in the
   command path are also escaped.  Command line arguments that
   contain spaces are surrounded by single quotes and any literal
   single quote or backslash characters are escaped with a backslash.
   This makes it possible to distinguish multiple command line
   arguments from a single argument that contains spaces.

 * Improved support for DragonFly BSD which uses a different struct
   procinfo than either FreeBSD or 4.4BSD.

 * Fixed a compilation error on Linux arm systems running older
   kernels that may not define EM_ARM in linux/elf-em.h.
   GitHub issue #232.

 * Fixed a compilation error when LDFLAGS contains -Wl,--no-undefined.
   Sudo will now link using -Wl,--no-undefined by default if possible.
   GitHub issue #234.
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