[sudo-workers] sudo 1.9.14b1 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Wed Jun 7 19:29:39 MDT 2023

The first beta release of sudo 1.9.14 is now available.  In addition
to bug fixes, the major change in version 1.9.14 is that commands
are now run their own pseudo-terminal by default.  To restore the
historic default behavior where commands are run in the user's
terminal, add:

    Defaults !use_pty

to your sudoers file.


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Binary packages:

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Sudo web site:

Major changes between sudo 1.9.14b1 and 1.9.13p3:

 * Fixed a bug where if the "intercept" or "log_subcmds" sudoers
   option was enabled and a sub-command was run where the first
   entry of the argument vector didn't match the command being run.
   This resulted in commands like "sudo su -" being killed due to
   the mismatch.  Bug #1050.

 * The sudoers plugin now canonicalizes command path names before
   matching (where possible).  This fixes a bug where sudo could
   execute the wrong path if there are multiple symbolic links with
   the same target and the same base name in sudoers that a user is
   allowed to run.  GitHub issue #228.

 * Improved command matching when a chroot is specified in sudoers.
   The sudoers plugin will now change the root directory id needed
   before performing command matching.  Previously, the root directory
   was simply prepended to the path that was being processed.

 * When NETGROUP_BASE is set in the ldap.conf file, sudo will now
   perform its own netgroup lookups of the host name instead of
   using the system innetgr(3) function.  This guarantees that user
   and host netgroup lookups are performed using  the same LDAP
   server (or servers).

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.9.13 that resulted in a missing
   " ; " separator between environment variables and the command
   in log entries.

 * The visudo utility now displays a warning when it ignores a file
   in an include dir such as /etc/sudoers.d.

 * When running a command in a pseudo-terminal, sudo will initialize
   the terminal settings even if it is the background process.
   Previously, sudo only initialized the pseudo-terminal when running
   in the foreground.  This fixes an issue where a program that
   checks the window size would read the wrong value when sudo was
   running in the background.

 * Fixed a bug where only the first two digits of the TSID field
   being was logged.  Bug #1046.

 * The "log_pty" sudoers option is now enabled by default.  To
   restore the historic behavior where a command is run in the
   user's terminal, add "Defaults !use_pty" to the sudoers file.
   GitHub issue #258.

 * Sudo's "-b" option now works when the command is run in a

 * When disabling core dumps, sudo now only modifies the soft limit
   and leaves the hard limit as-is.  This avoids problems on Linux
   when sudo does not have CAP_SYS_RESOURCE, which may be the case
   when run inside a container.  GitHub issue #42.

 * Sudo configuration file paths have been converted to colon-separated
   lists of paths.  This makes it possible to have configuration
   files on a read-only file system while still allowing for local
   modifications in a different (writable) directory.  The new
   --enable-adminconf configure option can be used to specify a
   directory that is searched for configuration files in preference
   to the sysconfdir (which is usually /etc).

 * The "intercept_verify" sudoers option is now only applied when
   the "intercept" option is set in sudoers.  Previously, it was
   also applied when "log_subcmds" was enabled.

 * The NETGROUP_QUERY ldap.conf parameter can now be disabled for
   LDAP servers that do not support querying the nisNetgroup object
   by its nisNetgroupTriple attribute, while still allowing sudo to
   query the LDAP server directly to determine netgroup membership.
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