Plans for future versions

The following list is subject to change but represents what I expect to have done for future Sudo releases.

Sudo 1.7.2

  • Support for session logging ala the script command, including timestamps for realtime playback.

Sudo 1.7.3

  • Support for seting environment variables in sudoers.

  • Replace redblack tree with burtleburtle hash function.

  • Add POSIX regexp support in sudoers, e.g. "m/regexp/"

  • A real test harness for testsudoers. (tests still need to be written)

Sudo 2.0

  • New, unambiguous sudoers format with support for setting options in the command specifier.

  • Program aliases that get expanded when a user runs a command that is not a path name with support for $* (argv) substitution.

  • Program substitution (e.g. substitute sudoedit for vi/emacs).

  • POSIX Regular expression support.

  • Probably much, much more ;-)

Last updated November 9, 2008.