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TiVo Cross Compiler and Binaries

Mike Baker has written a very nice, automated cross compiler build script for Linux. I, however, am an OpenBSD hacker. It wasn't difficult to get this working on OpenBSD/i386; I've put the result, tivo-build-xcompiler-obsd.tgz, up for ftp for other OpenBSD users. It should be trivial to get this working on other BSD systems.

I built the following binaries for the TiVo because I just couldn't live without them. Most are linked with libtivohack from Craig Leres' downloads page.

Program Description
nc *Hobbit*'s netcat, a TCP/IP swiss army knife
diff GNU diff(1) (from diffutils)
cmp GNU cmp(1) (from diffutils)
dmesg dmesg(1) (from util-linux-2.11i)
strings GNU strings(1) (from binutils)
which OpenBSD which(1)
chown OpenBSD chown(1), chgrp(1), and chmod(1)
mkswap mkswap(8) (from util-linux-2.11i)