Sudo Development Releases

Current Development Release

The current development release of sudo is 1.9.4rc2.
Binary packages are also available for the development releases.

For full details see the ChangeLog file or view the commit history in mercurial.

If you plan to use a development release of sudo, please subscribe to the sudo-workers mailing list so that you will receive updates on bug fixes and related announcements. You may also be interested in the sudo-commits mailing list which receives a message for each commit to the sudo source tree.

Major changes between version 1.9.4rc1 and 1.9.4b2:

  • For sudo_logsrvd, an empty value for the pid_file setting in sudo_logsrvd.con will now disable the process ID file.

      Major changes between version 1.9.4rc1 and 1.9.4b2:

      • The fix for sudo_logsrvd debug handling on SIGHUP caused problems for sudo, which initializes the debug framework more than once but with different flags.

      • Updated translations from

      Major changes between version 1.9.4b2 and 1.9.4b1:

      • The sudoers plugin now defaults to sudo-format logs by default, as per the documentation (and historical behavior).

      • Fixed a crash in the sudoers plugin when an I/O plugin logging function returned an error.

      Major changes between version 1.9.4b1 and 1.9.3p1:

      • The sudoers parser will now detect when an upper-case reserved word is used when declaring an alias. Now instead of syntax error, unexpected CHROOT, expecting ALIAS the message will be syntax error, reserved word CHROOT used as an alias name. Bug #941.

      • Better handling of sudoers files without a final newline. The parser now adds a newline at end-of-file automatically which removes the need for special cases in the parser.

      • Fixed a regression introduced in sudo 1.9.1 in the sssd back-end where an uninitialized pointer could be freed on an error path. GitHub Issue #67.

      • The core logging code is now shared between sudo_logsrvd and the sudoers plugin.

      • JSON log entries sent to syslog now use minimal JSON which skips all non-essention whitespace.

      • The sudoers plugin can now produce JSON-formatted logs. The log_format sudoers option can be used to select sudo or json format logs. The default is sudo format logs.

      • The sudoers plugin and visudo now display the column number in syntax error messages in addition to the line number. Bug #841.

      • If I/O logging is not enabled but log_servers is set, the sudoers plugin will now log accept events to sudo_logsrvd. Previously, the accept event was only sent when I/O logging was enabled. The sudoers plugin now sends reject and alert events too.

      • The sudo logsrv protocol has been extended to allow an AlertMessage to contain an optional array of InfoMessage, as AcceptMessage and RejectMessage already do.

      • Fixed a bug in sudo_logsrvd where receipt of SIGHUP would result in duplicate entries in the debug log when debugging was enabled.

      • The visudo utility now supports EDITOR environment variables that use single or double quotes in the command arguments. Bug #942.

      • The PAM session modules now run when sudo is set-user-ID root, which allows a module to determine the original user-ID. Bug #944.

      • Fixed a regression introduced in sudo 1.8.24 in the LDAP back-end where sudoNotBefore and sudoNotAfter were applied even when the SUDOERS_TIMED setting was not present in ldap.conf. Bug #945.

      • Sudo packages for macOS 11 now contain universal binaries that support both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs.