Sudo Development Releases

Current Development Release

The current development release of sudo is 1.9.2rc2.
Binary packages are also available for the development releases.

For full details see the ChangeLog file or view the commit history in mercurial.

If you plan to use a development release of sudo, please subscribe to the sudo-workers mailing list so that you will receive updates on bug fixes and related announcements. You may also be interested in the sudo-commits mailing list which receives a message for each commit to the sudo source tree.

Major changes between version 1.9.2rc2 and 1.9.2rc1:

  • Fixed a build issue when --enable-gcrypt and --enable-openssl are both specified. Bug #935.

Major changes between version 1.9.2rc1 and 1.9.1:

  • Fixed package builds on RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.

  • The configure script now uses pkg-config to find the openssl cflags and libs where possible.

  • The contents of the log.json I/O log file is now documented in the sudoers manual.

  • The sudoers plugin now properly exports the sudoers_audit symbol on systems where the compiler lacks symbol visibility controls. This caused a regression in 1.9.1 where a successful sudo command was not logged due to the missing audit plugin. Bug #931.

  • Fixed a regression introduced in 1.9.1 that can result in crash when there is a syntax error in the sudoers file. Bug #934.