Distributing the SUDOERS file

Wolfs, Lucien l.l.g.m.wolfs at kpn.com
Tue Apr 25 07:47:56 EDT 2000


I'm having som troubles distributing the SUDOERS file.. Well, the
distributing is no
problem, but when I, after distributing the sudoers file, start visudo to
check if
all the modifications have been made, I see the file prior to the

VI says that I'm editting /etc/sudoers.tmp. I distributed the /etc/sudoers
(no .tmp).

Can anybody tell me how I can  distribute the file so the changes will be
activated ?

(The example from the courtesan site using rdist doesn't work for me (see
above) ).


L.L.G.M. Wolfs
The Netherlands

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