Restricting changing passwd

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Are you sure you have disabled the password change for root.  Depending the
flavor of UNIX, 
/usr/bin/passwd with no argument will use the "effective" user as opposed to
the user logged in on your terminal.  When you sudo /usr/bin/passwd the
effective user is root thus changing the password for root.  The only fix I
know of in this case and the best fix for your other issue is to build a
wrapper for the /usr/bin/passwd command.  Several nice examples have been
provided in previous threads.  You could check against your "system" or
"adm" group in /etc/group so that whenever you added a new admin to your
system they would automatically be excluded from the sudo password change.

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HI all!
I am using CU Sudo version 1.5.3 and trying to restrict users from
changing passwd of other collegues.
I have successfully done this for "root" with  !/usr/bin/passwd root .
But how do I restrict for a list of users without having to repeat the
above mentioned command for each and every user.
Is there some kind of wildcards or aliasing that can be employed here.
Thanks in advance ...



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