Two copies! ( -Reply) (fwd)

Ritesh Raj Joshi ritesh at
Fri Aug 4 05:33:20 EDT 2000

I did not get double messages today though. I just joined the list last
BTW I also get the following "auto-responder" message when I send a mail
to the list.



  |  r i t e s h   r a j   j o s h i
  |  system administrator
  |  hotline:240920

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 08:48:02 -0400
From: Steve Carter <stevec at>
To: ritesh at
Subject: Two copies! ( -Reply)

This reply has been automatically generated in my absence by the E-mail attendant, as I will be out of the office from Monday, July 30, 2000 til Monday August 7, 2000.  I have not actually seen your E-mail Message, However if you need further assistance before my return, please contact the Help desk at 857-5111 or ext. 5111 or send an E-mail to help.  Thank you and have a nice day.

Thank you and have a nice day......


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