newbie question

rpjday rpjday at
Thu Aug 10 15:29:21 EDT 2000

  i'm looking at the sample.sudoers file on a red hat 6.2
box, and i'm confused about the syntax of the following lines:

# Host alias specification
Host_Alias	SPARC = bigtime, eclipse, moet, anchor:\
		SGI = grolsch, dandelion, black:\
		ALPHA = widget, thalamus, foobar:\
		HPPA = boa, nag, python
Host_Alias	CUNETS =
Host_Alias	CSNETS =,,
Host_Alias	SERVERS = master, mail, www, ns
Host_Alias	CDROM = orion, perseus, hercules

  what's with the line continuation in the first few lines and
the ":"??  is this just another way of writing these as separate
Host_Alias lines?  the docs don't seem to explain this.


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