sudo-1.6.3p5 on FreeBSD-[345] and s/key

Greg Skafte skafte at
Sat Dec 2 13:45:31 EST 2000

ok .... I can do that, but then the user only has s/key access.

what I'm trying to do is give it the same behaviour as my other
s/keyed applications for example:

	-if I logon on to the console of the box I can use either
	s/key or unix passwords.

	-if I'm behind the firewall I can use can use either 
	 s/key or unix passwds

	-if i'm comming across the VPN or a dialup I can only
	 use s/key passwds.

Similarily for ftp it's both port and location dependant on
when I need to use s/key. Which is where the call to skeyaccess(3)
comes in, which reads the skey.access(5) file to determine whether
a unix passwd is permited or not.

So I guess this now falls in the catagory of feature request

Quoting Todd C. Miller (Todd.Miller at
On Subject: Re: sudo-1.6.3p5 on FreeBSD-[345] and s/key
Date: Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 09:37:46AM -0700

> Enabing skey doesn't disable normal passwords.  If that's what you
> want you need to add the --without-passwd to your configure args.
>  - todd

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