Running scripts as root?

Chris Sellers chris at
Sun Dec 3 17:45:45 EST 2000

I have stripped down the users shell, removing paths. I need them to only have access to command VIA sudo. the problem is, when I run one of my scripts, it doesnt know where any of the commands are. When sudo runs a command as root, does it pick up roots path? I am just setting this up and I am very new.
Maybe I am going about this the wrong way, is this not something SUDO can do for me?

Here is an example where a script uses a few basic commands "ls wc dc"  and the results...

server: {1} % sudo countmail
sudo: countmail: command not found
server: {2} % sudo /root/bin/countmail
ls: not found
wc: not found
dc: not found
server: {3} % 


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