Kerberos 4 Issue

Randy Wixom RWIXOM at VHA.COM
Wed Dec 6 15:14:47 EST 2000

I am presently trying to install sudo on a IBM SP2 complex which is utilizing kerberos 4.  The configure command looks like this:

configure --with-CC=/usr/vac/xlc --with-authenticate --with-mail-if-noperms --with-kerb4 --disable-root-sudo

It runs through its process of checking all parameters and returns 2 statements of concern:

Unable to locate kerberos 4 include files, you will have to edit the makefile and add -I/path/to/krb/includes to CPPFLAGS

Unable to locate kerberos 4 libraries, you will have to edit the Makefile and add -L/path/to/krb/libs to SUDO_LDFLAGS

I contacted IBM support to find out where the default locations for these files would be located.  I was told that there is no specific include or library files for kerberos 4 in the AIX environment.  I was told that the files that kerberos needs would be located in /usr/include.  I am running AIX   Unfortunately, IBM is unable to assist me with this issue.

If I run make after the configure command completes this is what I get:

"./auth/kerb4.c", line53.10: 1506-296 (S) #include file <krb.h> not found
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.


Then I am returned to my command prompt.  Does anyone have any ideas about this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
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