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Raphael Bauduin rb at
Wed Dec 6 11:44:48 EST 2000

Hi all,

I hope you don't consider this as spam, as I think lots of you could be
interested by this...... If not, please accept all my excuses....

we are proud to be able to announce the first Open Source and Free
Developers' European Meeting featuring Fyodor, Jeremy Allison, Richard
Stallman, Kevin Lawton, Phil Thomson, Rasmus Lerdorf and a lot of other
programmers. It will take place in Brussels saturday the 3rd and sunday
the 4th february 2001, and is organised in collaboration with VA which
is actively supporting the event.

The goal is to bring developers together so they can share ideas and
learn to know other projects. We hope this event will foster
collaboration between different projects and maybe give birth to new

The website (which will undergo a major redesign :-) is available at, the initial announcement is also  available at . A  mailing list ( ) has been set
up, and it is possible to register so we can evaluate the number of
attendant (and print enough t-shirts so everyone can have one :-)

We hope to welcome lots of you in Brussels!

Thank you.


   Open Source and Free Software Developers Meeting
         3rd and 4th february 2001, Brussels
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