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Mon Dec 18 11:43:34 EST 2000

From: Scott D. MacKay

I believe your problems may be twofold:

First, given that 'visudo' is a regular command, you need to make sure
visudo's location is in your path.  If 'which visudo' yields nothing,
update your path.
Next, I think you need to run visudo as root (if your not), so it would be
something like:
sudo /usr/local/bin/visudo
I believe visudo knows where the sudoers file is.  (check on path for
visudo; I use a non-standard installpath)

-Scott MacKay

"Sanh Duong" <sduong at> on 12/18/2000 11:03:27 AM

To:   sudo-users at
cc:    (bcc: Scott D. MacKay/943904/EKC)
Subject:  Help..

for some reason I can't use visudo.. .. I just type

visudo /etc/sudoers

and it gives me a bad or command name for visudo??? I'm doing this as root
and in the / directory..... Can someone please help me...
Does it really matter if I'm using visudo to edit the sudoers file.. or can
I use vi or kwrite to edit it????? cause I did some editing with kwrite and
vi.. but for some reason it keeps giving me errors... I'm trying to let a
user shut down the system......I use a command similar to this one..

tname localhost=(root) reboot

but all it does is give me an error for it.... can someone please help me
out..Thank you...


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