Greetings from the great beyond...

Alek O. Komarnitsky alek at
Tue Mar 14 17:40:52 EST 2000

> From: "Bryan L. Nylander" <bryan_nylander at>
> Subject: Greetings from the great beyond...
> To: sudo Mailing List <sudo-users at>
> Hello all,
>  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bryan Nylander. I go by the
> Internet Nick Blkwolf.
>  The reason for writing you.
>  I am looking at using SUDO within our company. I have used sudo for
> several years now but nothing at a industry level. There are some
> answers I have been looking for (unsuccessfully up to this point)
>  I am interested if any of you know where I could find some of these
> answers at (if this is not the right place)
>      1> /etc/sudoers distribution over several Unix systems.
>           I am looking at providing a way for our SysAdmins to
>           manage a centralized /etc/sudoers file. We are
>           looking at having 1 common sudoers file that all
>           systems will have locally. The problem starts when
>           we change the master copy of the sudoers file, how
>           do we go about getting that copy across multiple
>           system (namely 120 unix boxes)
>           Has rdist or NIS been used for this by any other
>           Co.?

Rdist works fine for us - see my presentation available at the sudo home page or at:   ->  Misc. Tech Stuff


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