help with first time Sudo user

J.R. Tietsort jrtietsort at
Thu Mar 16 19:03:53 EST 2000


I'd like to start using Sudo, but I am having a bit of trouble with the
logging feature.   I am using defaults for about everything. I do get
syslog entries when I first launch sudo, but I am looking to have it log
every command as it is run.  From the docs, it sounds like this is the
way that it is supposed to work.  Does anyone have an idea?

I am using Solaris 2.6, Sudo 1.6.2p1.

Here is my configure line:
./configure --with-exempt=root --with-env-editor --enable-log-host

Local syslog entry:     ifdef(`LOGHOST',                ,       @loghost)

Loghost syslog entry:                                     /var/log/sudo-log

/etc/sudoers file:
# root and users in group root can run anything on any machine as any
root            ALL = (ALL) ALL
%root          ALL = (ALL) ALL

J.R. Tietsort

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