Need to get red of sudo

Awwad A. Alhabli aalhabli at
Wed Nov 8 12:30:00 EST 2000

Hi every body:

I want my users to type any command they want without preceding it with sudo
, and the password prompt will come on if the guy needs to enter it
otherwise no password will be necessary.

Did any body came across anything like that?


Awwad A. Alhabli
Systems Group
Intellicom Inc.

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I am looking to restrict certain users marked on a  " OPERS " to remove
files in a certain directory. How will I set this up in my sudoer file. I
have already set up the runas alias " RMREQ " and added the user specs but
when I add the following line I cant get it to work:
OPERS    ALL=(RMREQ) PASSWD:/usr/bin/rm /var/spool/lp/request/

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