Need to get red of sudo

Chhaya, Harshal hchhaya at
Wed Nov 8 13:59:11 EST 2000

I did this by aliasing the command(s) for the users. Their shell config file
(.bash_profile in this example) defines the alias. 

For eg. to allow a user to stop the Apache server I defined:
alias apache_stop="sudo /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl stop"      

You can also define aliases for standard commands.

The sudoers file defines if the user needs to enter the password for the
command or not.

This scheme is not very scalable ie. it becomes very time consuming to
maintain if you have a lot of 'protected' commands and/or users.


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> I want my users to type any command they want without 
> preceding it with sudo
> , and the password prompt will come on if the guy needs to enter it
> otherwise no password will be necessary.
> Did any body came across anything like that?

> Awwad A. Alhabli
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