LD_LIBRARY_PATH, Solaris 2.6 and sudo

Paul Lussier pll at mclinux.com
Wed Nov 15 17:17:53 EST 2000

>From: Scott D. MacKay
>Do you means something like creating a shell script, putting in the
>LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc, and invocation of Sybase and have SUDO give them
>access to that script instead?

In a message dated: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 13:23:18 PST
"Justin Ream" said:

>Would that work?  That seems fairly obvious, but then again, does not sudo
>disregard any LD_* environment variables?

Yes, that would work just fine.  As a matter of fact, that's, IMO, the best 
way to do it.  I find the LD_LIBRARY_PATH hack to be evil, yet every 
commercial vendor seems to insist upon using it.

I've used the above method quite successfully with countless applications and 
never had a problem with it.  Ironically, I've also had several commercial app 
vendors tell me a) I can't use a shell script wrapper, it won't work, and b) 
that "we've never heard of sudo, and therefore can't support you if it doesn't 
work".  Granted, these are usually sales weenies who don't have a clue to 
begin with :)
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