enforcing argument restrictions in sudoers?

Eric Mumpower nocturne at arepa.com
Tue Nov 21 13:30:27 EST 2000

Hi there.

Sudo seems to use a Berkeley fnmatch(3) to compare the config-file argument
pattern with the actual command the user specified.

Which seems to yield the result that this sudoers entry:
   ALL ALL = /bin/cat /foo/*
allows users to run "cat /foo/bar /etc/shadow" with no complaints.

Is there any way to tighten this up, assuming the user has no write access
to /foo ? Any way of adjusting the sudoers entry to allow multiple arguments
all of which start with "/foo/", or even simply to allow only a single
argument which starts with "/foo/" ?

I've read the sudoers manpage many times now but remain unenlightened; there
seems to have been only brief mention of this issue over the last year on
this maillist, and I was unable to find any reply to the actual question. I
tracked things through the source enough to see that fnmatch is comparing
the sudoers args with the user args, but fnmatch is a bit too dense for me
to try second-guessing its manpage before asking what I can only imagine
must be a fairly common question.

Yes, I could write a wrapper around cat which performs argument validation,
and then have that invoked via sudo, but it's really hard for me to believe
that this problem has not been solved _inside_ of sudo in almost 10 years of

Thanks for your time.

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