newbie needs help

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The error you are reporting is question one in the FAQ.  Here's the question
along with the answer:

Q) Sudo compiles but when I run it I get "Sorry, sudo must be setuid root."
   and sudo quits.
A) Sudo must be setuid root to do its work.  You need to do something like
   `chmod 4111 /usr/local/bin/sudo'.  Also, the filesystem sudo resides
   on must *not* be mounted with the nosuid mount option or sudo will
   not be able to work.  Another possibility is you may have '.' in
   your $PATH before the directory containing sudo.  If you are going
   to have '.' in your path you should make sure it is at the end.


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Hi Folks

new to sudo, followed everything on the installation instructions,can't seem
to get it to run. It seems to run as root which is not a lot of help. Get an
error message "sorry , sudo must be setuid root" when I try to run it from
my own login.
All I want to do is set up a group of users who can change passwords (not
root) , cancel print jobs and add users. I am running solaris 2.6 , 2.7 and
2.8 on a variety of sun servers and have installed and compiled sudo-1.6.3p.
Any help would be appreciated


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