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Both sudo and visudo are on the same directory, /usr/local/bin (assuming you are
using the bff described below).  Make sure it is on your path.

If you don't want / need to compile the source, there is a bff (smitty
installable) available on the BULL site.
http://www-frec.bull.com/docs/download.htm .  Currently is available

Good luck.

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I have just installed sudo-1.6.3p5 on an rs6000 sp node.  When I run visudo,
I get the error message, ksh: visudo:  not found.  We have a previous
release of sudo installed on another sp node that is working just fine.  I
was not involed in that setup, so maybe I am missing something?

Patricia McNamara
Information Services
System Administration
Umass Memorial Health Care
mcnamarp at ummhc.org

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