Easy Way to Secure Sudoers File on NFS Mount?

mackay at kodak.com mackay at kodak.com
Wed Aug 15 15:57:01 EDT 2001

From: Scott D. MacKay

Share the mount Read Only to everyone and make those who could make changes log
into the main system.
Really, with something as important as the sudoers file and transport as
insecure as NFS, this is the safest thing.


Chris McConnell <chrism at support.com> on 08/15/2001 03:48:25 PM

To:   sudo-users at courtesan.com
cc:    (bcc: Scott D. MacKay/943904/EKC)
Subject:  Easy Way to Secure Sudoers File on NFS Mount?


Is there an easy way to secure the sudoers file?

I would like to prevent users who have sudo permissions (in the sudoers
file)  from being able to modify the sudoers file themselves.
I have the sudoers file on an NFS mount, accessable by all my servers
with 400 perm's.  I suppose that I could set it up so that only a few
trusted secure hosts had write perm's on this export, but is there an
easier way to simply secure the sudoers file?


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