Uninstall Sudo

Yocom, Ray ryocom at ci.yakima.wa.us
Wed Mar 7 11:48:32 EST 2001

It sounds like you have a problem not related to sudo.  If you are referring
to executing the su command at the shell prompt, sudo should have no effect
unless someone has created a shell script called su that calls su via sudo.
The more likely possibility is that someone has accidentally changed the
root password.
In answer to your question, you are thinking like a Windows administrator.
Sudo does not make any kernel modifications.  To uninstall it just delete
the binary and the shudders file or install over the top of them.
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Can you tell me how to uninstall sudo for my linux server, please?
Because the su command can't be correctly working. Althoght the root
password is type correctly, but
 su always not allow to login as root. I may need to reinstall again without
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