Setting Parameter in Sudo

Julian.Tan at Julian.Tan at
Tue Oct 9 23:44:31 EDT 2001

I tried to give access to some administrators to the machine to be able to
create users. However, I do not want them to create user for certain
groups. I have done it with the following Command Alias. However, i find
this too lengthy. Does anyone has a better and shorter way of doing this ?

Working one but too lengthy:
Cmnd_Alias MAKEUSER1=/usr/bin/mkuser, !/usr/bin/mkuser * id=0 *,
!/usr/bin/mkuser * *system* *, !/usr/bin/mkuser * *bin* *, !/usr/bin/mkuser
* *sys* *, !/usr/bin/mkuser * *adm* *, !/usr/bin/mkuser * *uucp* *,
!/usr/bin/mkuser * *security* *, !/usr/bin/mkuser * *audit* *

I tried this one but it doesn't work,

Cmnd_Alias MAKEUSER1=/usr/bin/mkuser, !/usr/bin/mkuser * [id=0] [*system*]
[*bin*] [*sys*] [*adm*] [*uucp*] [*security
*] [*audit*] *

Best Regards,
Julian Tan

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