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Wed Oct 17 14:41:42 EDT 2001

You need to set your DISPLAY variable and export it.  There are many ways to
determine what to set it to, but the easiest would be to login as your
regular user and "echo $DISPLAY", then once you su ?? just set it back to
the same.

Depending on the shell that you are using, something like the following:

echo $DISPLAY <CR>  {as yourself before you su}
After you su ...
export DISPLAY
{where xxx is the proper setting}

_-D Parson 

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 When i sudo to another user or account, i am not able to run any of the
x-(commands) like xlock,xauotlock,xdu,xcopy etc.., is this a security
feature for the sudo or is there a wrapper around this to allow users to
sudo and still be able to run the x environment.
  I am running this on Solaris 2.5 , and the Sudo version 1.5.6p6 .

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