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thanks for your assistance Steve.

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Try "sudo -u webber /u14/oracle/bounceweb" instead.  It should work.

You have to specify the user you want to run this command when it's not


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#Config file
#(root at erpd1)-> cat sudoers

User_Alias WEBMASTERS = reguser

WEBMASTERS ALL = (webber) NOPASSWD: /u14/oracle/bounceweb
root ALL = (ALL) ALL

#Message that appeared on console when reguser tried to 'sudo

(root at erpd1)-> Apr 11 10:30:46 erpd1 sudo: [ID 850335 local2.alert]
reguser : command not allowed ; TTY=pts/18 ; PWD=/opt/home/reguser ;
USER=root ;

I am under the impression that when reguser does 'sudo
/u14/oracle/bounceweb' it should be trying to run the
command as user webber instead of root (USER=root message above).  Can
anyone tell me its doing this?

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