copying the sudoers file

dominique oulmas doulmas at
Mon Aug 19 09:29:11 EDT 2002


I hope someone can help with this strange occurence
with sudo.  For many months I copied and pasted
contents of the sudo file from one machine to another
without a glitch.  We have several machines and
management requires that the sudoers file be uniform
on all machines so we have only one file to maintain.

On this HP-UX machine, I backed up the /etc/sudoers
file.  Then  openedd /etc/sudoers with vi and pasted
the content of a sudoers file from another HP machine
that I just updated.  I did not check the permissions
because, first I have done this before, second, I did
not recreate the file.  When we rebooted the machine,
the permissions were changed to 0000.  Does anyone
know what happened?  

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