Is my implementation/understanding of SUDO flawed?

ian Laing ian.laing at
Mon Feb 25 16:07:19 EST 2002

From: "Woo, April" <April.Woo at>
> I think you can also use restricted shell along with sudo.
> april ;-)
> > From: Jeff Kennedy [SMTP:jlkennedy at]
> > I'm thinking that you're asking for capabilities that sudo was never
> > meant to handle outside of the path issue.  The way I would tackle this
> > is  go through the initial pain to check all the scripts and
> > permissions, then setup tripwire to catch any changes to said scripts.
> >
> > ~JK
> >
Thanks April,

I've not any experience with it, but will check it out - my initial
suspicion is that it would prohibit some of the things the scripts were
designed to do.

ian Laing

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