Can't see any sudo prompt

Andrews, Paul Paul.Andrews at
Tue Mar 19 15:26:01 EST 2002

Hi All ,

Im new to list and just combed archives for this. I have a menu script
that's tailored to run on sun, aix and hp. There's numerous sudo calls in
the scripts. On of the menu's lets the user go from node to node but never
out of the menu. Whats happening and only from an Hp that rlogins to an Aix
( SP ) node is that Intermittenly when sudo is run the Password: prompt is
Not shown on the screen..?? I can see that sudo is being called and if one
simply types in the correct password the sudo command runs. I just can't
seem to consistently get the sudo prompt, either default or custom to come
up on the screen. If I go aix-aix, or sun-aix no problems prompt always
appears. I can go hp-aix-aix and it will work. But an hp-aix no go
consistantly. I've messed with character sets, term types, all kinds of
quoating and still can't get the prompt to show up.

Has anyone seen this..?? A menu ( ksh script ) that can rlogin from Hp to an
Aix Sp and start another menu and all sudo password prompts not seen on
screen. I will get with a dos telnet window 1 Black Box..?? Xterms
nothing...Blank Line.



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