Help configuring sudoers

Wiese, Maria Maria.Wiese at
Mon Nov 18 17:35:03 EST 2002

I currently have the following sudoers file, which includes most of my
support groups. I am not sure if it is the most secure configuration
but I am just learning, and it is better that all having the root password. 
I need suggestions on how to make it better, and a way to  add the DBA
group . The dba's currently su to Oracle, but I rather 
they run  the commands  from the own userids as Oracle without having to su
to it. I would also like them to be able to execute some 
commands as root.  How can I accomplish this ? . I am finding the manual
pages confusing.

# sudoers file
# Use 'visudo' command to edit this file as root - visudo will perform \
# grammatical checks and lock it
# edited by aecpzbf 10/16/02
# User Alias specifications
User_Alias      OPS = %oper

#[ all members of USA go here ]
User_Alias      USA = %usa

#[ all of the security members go here ]
User_Alias      SEC = %security

#[ all of the storage members go here ]
User_Alias      USS = %storage

# Command Alias specifications

# USER alias gives permsissions to modify all user info
# except root and possibly USA members because USA members
# are given root permissions through SUDO.
Cmnd_Alias      USER = /usr/sbin/user*, /usr/bin/passwd [A-z]*,  \
                /usr/bin/ch*, !/usr/bin/passwd root, !/usr/bin/ch* root

Cmnd_Alias      SU = !/usr/bin/su -, !/usr/bin/su - root, !/usr/bin/su

# Change some of the default values
Defaults                log_year, logfile=/var/log/sudo.log,
always_set_home, \
Defaults:USA            !lecture
Defaults:USA       !authenticate
Defaults:OPS       !authenticate
Defaults:USS       !authenticate
# members of USA and USO do not have to Authenticate themselves

# User specifications
# root was disabled from using SUDO upon initial configuration
# root          ALL = (ALL) ALL
USA             ALL = (ALL) ALL
OPS             ALL = (root) ALL, SU
SEC             ALL = (root) USER, SU
%storage        ALL = (root) ALL, SU


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