Cmnd_Alias within Cmnd_Alias

chris.key at chris.key at
Mon Nov 18 17:02:07 EST 2002

I've looked through the FAQ and archive for this, but haven't found
anything saying it's possible.  I've tried this and either it doesn't
work, or I typed it wrong.

Is something similar to the following possible:

Cmnd_Alias	UTILS = /bin/ls,/bin/more,/......
Cmnd_Alias	IDALOGS = UTILS * /data/app1/logs/*

Basically I have a set of users who need to do maintenance on files in one
directory, there's quite a list of commands they need to run.  Rather than
doing one '/bin/foo * /path/logs/*' for each command, is there anyway to
alias the commands?  I know better than to just give blatant /bin/*
access, so that won't work either.



Christopher R Key
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