sudo, unix-groups and ldap

Heinz Ahrens xf01070 at
Wed Dec 3 08:06:01 EST 2003

Hallo sudo-users,

i have got a problem and i can not get the answer. I want to use sudo with
ldap on SuSE United Linux 1.0:

In my example i have get the local group in /etc/group and one over ldap:

xf01070 at nilix:~> getent group|fgrep nogroup
nogroup:x:65534:nobody                                        -> local entry
nogroup:x:65534:xf01070                                      -> remote entry

because of /etc/nsswitch.conf:

group:  files ldap

And here is the problem. In /etc/suders i want that my user xf01070 get
access because of the unix-group:

Cmnd_Alias      ID              = /usr/bin/id

%nogroup  ALL=(nobody) NOPASSWD: ID

Because of the sequence "files ldap" and not "ldap files" the user is not in
the group "%nogroup". But i can not change the squence to "ldap files"
because of problems with booting.

Perhaps someone can help me

  Heinz Ahrens
  xf01070 at

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