Basic Sudo Issue!!

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You're getting command not found because ipchains isn't in their path
(normal mortals don't have /sbin in their path, typically).  Using 'sudo
/sbin/ipchains' will probably fix that.

The first line in your question looks correct (IPCHAIN_ADMIN   ALL =

Also, for a single machine sudoers file, you don't need to really mess
with the Host_Alias stuff.  That's only useful if you have a common
sudoers file that you distribute over more than one machine and need to
segregate user groups based on machine name, or groups of machines with
the Host_Aliases.


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Hi All,

We are a small team of co-op students with no sudo experience. Recently
we have been forced to use it as the only method of solving a particular
problem. Namely, we need to run "ipchains" when logged in as an user
other than root.

Mainly by looking at examples, we were able to patch the following
sudoers file together. Yet we can't get it to work. We want for the
dummy1, dummy2 users to be able to run Ipchains without a password.

	# Host alias specification
	# User alias specification
	User_Alias      IPCHAIN_ADMIN=dummy1,dummy2
	# Cmnd alias specification
	Cmnd_Alias FW_SCRIPT=/sbin/ipchains

	# Defaults specification
	# User privilege specification
	root    ALL=(ALL) ALL

We are not sure if we should specify =(root), because IPchains can be
run by the root only.


Can anyone tell us if this is correct. Also, how do we actually use sudo
from the command prompt? We've tried typing "sudo ipchains - L" when
logged in as the user "dummy1", but we get a "command not found" error?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Lucas Clark
Rogers AT&T Wireless
Network Strategy 
Email: lclark11 at

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