Basic Sudo Issue!!

Ben Ricker bricker at
Thu Jul 24 14:11:05 EDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 10:10, Lucas Clark wrote:
> Our only remaining question is how to execute a sudo command, where a third
> user  (i.e dummy3, who is not part of the sudoers file) runs sudo as a user
> that has the 'IPchains' permissions.

> In other words we want to long in as dummy3 and run sudo as dummy2. When
> logged in as dummy3 can we use something along the lines of:
> sudo "here we specify dummy2" Ipchains ...? So we run ipchains as if we were
> dummy2?

The question confuses me: why can you not just add dummy3 to the sudoers
file? There is no way I know of to run sudo as another user with using
'su' (for instance, 'su dummy2 -c "sudo blah") but this requires that
dummy3 have dummy2's account password!

Just add dummy3 to the sudoers file and call it a day.

Ben Ricker

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