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Tue May 6 01:57:12 EDT 2003

   Rev. Kuta Green (London-England) Fax: +44 207 6813316 E-mail:
   rev_kgreen at Sir, This letter may come as a surprise because
   we have not met but was borne out of my sincere desire to establish a
   mutual/business relationship with you. I got your contact through the
   International Trade and Commerce Chamber (ITCC) in London. My name is
   Rev. Kuta Green., the son of Chief Williams. T. Green (The clan head
   of Nduvivia kingdom) who was murdered by the agents of President
   Robert Mugabe due to his opposition to the oppressive and racial land
   reforms. Though, I do not know to what extent you are familiar with
   events and fragile political situation in Zimbabwe but it has formed
   consistent headlines in the CNN, BBC news bulletins. The pressure from
   the government forced me and my family out of Zimbabwe into exile in
   England, where we have been living under political asylum for 2 years.
   Sadly, my mother died of cancer 3 months ago and was buried in London.
   Prior to her death, she handed me over a certificate meant for a
   secret Deposit, which my father made in a bank in the Caribbean. The
   deposit, which is worth $25,000.000 (Twenty Five Million U.S. Dollars
   only), was money recovered through the sale of farm implements and
   land before the reforms. He made the deposit in his name with the hope
   of relocating his farms to neighboring South Africa but was murdered
   when the conflict intensified as a result of his opposition to the
   government. I have contacted the bank to confirm the deposit and
   establish ownership as next of kin. Due to the death of my mother and
   the continued hostility in Zimbabwe, I have decided to solicit for the
   assistance of an honest and trustworthy person or company that will
   assist in the business re-investment of the money. I cannot do it
   alone due to my present social status and total ignorance of the
   business world. You will be given a negotiable percentage of the money
   at the end of the transaction. If you are honest, trustworthy, capable
   of investing this huge amount of money and interested in the above
   proposal, contact me immediately through the E-mail:
   kutagreen at or Tel/fax numbers as indicated above for more
   details. For my safety, you must maintain absolute confidentiality to
   ensure success. Please, indicate your personal Tel./Fax nos. when
   replying by fax. Best Regards, Rev. Kuta Green

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