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Selling for Engineers

One-day Seminar

Edinburgh		Wed 	3rd September	2003
Gatwick			Thurs	25th September	2003
Amsterdam		Fri		3rd October		2003
Belfast			Wed 	8th October		2003
Dublin			Wed 	15th October	2003
Boston			Wed 	29th October	2003
Chicago			Mon		2nd November	2003
Dallas			Thurs	6th November	2003
San Jose		Wed		12th November	2003
Seattle			Fri		14th November	2003
Denver			Thurs	20th November	2003
Toronto			Tues	25th November	2003

The Selling for Engineers seminar is a good introduction to effective sales
principles for people who are new to selling, and also a useful refresher
for 'old hands'.  It applies to selling both technical products and
intangible services.

Many Sales Engineers have been learning the technical skills of their job
for years but have had little formal training in selling.  This course
helps correct that imbalance.  
Typical job titles of delegates: Sales Engineer, Account Executive and
Business Development Manager.

Fee for this event is £300.

Telephone Sales Prospecting for Engineers

One-day Workshop

Leeds		Mon		22nd September	2003
Belfast		Thurs 	9th October		2003
Dublin		Thurs 	16th October	2003

This event is a practical workshop teaching people in technical companies
how to find new customers on the phone.  It is applicable to business
development for both tangible products and intangible services.  The first
session addresses whom to target, what to say and how to handle problems. 
The remainder of the day consists of live sales calls with coaching from
Robert Seviour; the objective being to give delegates some positive
experiences of prospecting, make sales appointments and maybe sell

Please note that this telephone sales prospecting event is restricted to a
maximum of six delegates to permit individual coaching.
Fee for this event is £300.

Closing Techniques Workshop

Half day workshop

Edinburgh		Wed 	4th September	2003
Birmingham		Fri		19th September	2003
Leeds			Tues	23rd September	2003
Gatwick			Fri		26th September	2003
Belfast			Fri 	10th October	2003
Dublin			Fri		17th October	2003
Boston			Thurs	30th October	2003
Chicago			Tues	3rd November	2003
Dallas			Fri		7th November	2003
San Jose		Thurs	13th November	2003
Seattle			Mon		17th November	2003
Denver			Fri		21st November	2003
Toronto			Wed		26th November	2003

What if the customer says:
"	"          'It's too expensive'
"	"          'We're happy with our present supplier'
"	"          'I want to think about it'
Can you handle these common objections?
By far the most efficient way to be more profitable is to turn more of the
enquiries you receive into paid orders.  For this, the ability to resolve
objections is critical - either you close or you lose the sale.
And if you answer 'How much discount will you give me?' with: 'I'll ask my
boss', you waste profit, which could be yours with a better reply.
In only half a day I will teach you techniques which overcome these
objections and more. You will be able to use them immediately to win
profitable orders.
There is no need to lose business to your competitors or give big
The price for the workshop is low, only £145. 
If you have never had any formal sales training or need a refresher, don't
continue to work at a disadvantage. 

Reservations and information
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E mail robertseviour at totalise.co.uk or reply to this email with the subject
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If sales training is not an issue for your company please reply to this
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