[sudo-users] Warning message

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Aug 11 14:33:37 EDT 2004

In message <BBB646166E3FCE46A5E9CE14B25255860189EB15 at MERC27.na.sas.com>
	so spake "Galen Johnson" (Galen.Johnson):

> After updating to rc5 I started getting this message after running visudo:
> Warning: runas_default set after old value is in use near line 25
> What do I need to do t make it stop? (I even tried moving defaults to the top
>  of sudoers.

Whoops, there was a bit of state not being reset between calls to
the parser.  I just fixed that and pushed ou rc6, please try that.

 - todd

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