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Jim Horwath jim.horwath at rcn.com
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Here is my experience.  The IBM stuff is way out of date, they do a poor job
of getting current in the toolkit.  Grab the source yourself and compile
yourself.  There is also a bug/caveat which will not allow you to copy files
larger than 2 GB.  I found a patch on the net which got around this problem.
The toolkit from IBM is free.  You run the risk of not knowing what you are
putting on the machine since you didn't compile it.  The Bull site has more
current IBM filesets available.  Try to truss the code to see what it is

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      I am using Sudo version 1.6.7p5 which was pulled from an IBM Toolbox
CD. I have had this on a good number of servers for about two months and it
has been working successfully the entire time. Until Wednesday 12/15/04
when suddenly 8 servers lost the ability to use Sudo. On Thursday 12/16/04
two more servers just stopped. Not a single command works thru Sudo.
      I guess my question is, is there any evaluation period on the Sudo
package when it's down loaded? Are you familiar with how IBM is packaging
Sudo on their media? Is it any different than downloading it from the Sudo
website? I just quite puzzled why it all just stopped working.

Thank you,
Dean Price
UNIX Administrator
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