[sudo-users] Sudoscript 2.1.2 b1 == Critical Bugfix

Howard Owen hbo at egbok.com
Sun Nov 14 21:35:17 EST 2004

This point release features a new "-" switch to ss (like "su -") and
three bug fixes, one of which is a moderately severe security bug.

The security bug only bites if you are enabling non-root access with
sudoscript. But if you are, any member of the ssers group can send a
SIGHUP signal to any process. Although this release is labled "beta,"
the changes are small. If you are in the class of users noted, you
probably should upgrade right away. I'm going to leave the beta out
there for just a week before going to an official release, assuming that
no problems show up. 

The release is available from the old URL,
http://egbok.com/sudoscript/download.html, or at the new one:

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