[sudo-users] sudo, xauth and the manual

Dmitri Chubarov dchubarov at cs.man.ac.uk
Thu Sep 23 15:07:24 EDT 2004


On our department sudo is used on a regular basis to allow
trusted users (as myself) to control their machines while the
network administrator keeps the single root password.

You all know that to give a client running as root access to a 
display controlled by another user one has to use xauth. 

The problem is that many programs that are supposed to run with
superuser privileges had not been tested under sudo. Many a GUI
programs such as RedHat Network Admin Toolkit (neat) or SUN Java
studio installer would silently die when run under sudo without X

I believe that it would be a good thing generally to have an 
example over the following lines somewhere in the manual.

oedipa$ sudo su
root# xauth -f /home/oedipa/.Xauthority extract /root/.Xauthority :0
root# xauth remove :0

Best, /DC

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